Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Hi Gais. 
Am Aznan is back. 
I just scroll up all this shit damn-bored blog after having a long time for myself without updating this blog hahahaa.
Yeahh, admit it this blog quiet mundane.
So, since we are in the year of 2016, i would like to transform this blog.
Before this, i am writing only on my bored-life-experience here.
Why not i challenge myself to do some journalist-style-work hahhaaa.
I would like to divide this blog into several parts based on the tags.

The 1st tag will be  : #AmBoredLife 
which i will still keep writing abt my life journey with this tag.

The 2nd tag will be : #AmReview 
Here, i will make some reviews based on my personal experience, my thoughts, my opinion, or else. I may do reviews on products, movies, songs, also nice places where i went for a roadtrip.

The 3rd tag will be : #AmThought 
We know the basis of being a blogger is to keep commenting on any uprising current issues. Glad, we here in Malaysia, there so many issues pertaining us as citizens. So why not i grab this chance of being netizen to summarize issues and give my opinion regarding on it. I may comment on national as well as international issues thoo.

So, enjoy !
Hope for the no more BOSAN-GILA-BLOG-MAMAT-NI thought.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Wednesday, 15 June 2016
22/5/2016 - I ended my diploma study by answering Evidence and Procedure in Syariah Court's final exam paper. Hopefully I pass all. The first unofficial end of my diploma study.

12/6/2016 - I checked my this semester's result. Alhamdulillah. I passed all. All 7 papers for final semester and all 90 credit hours for the whole my diploma time. I will have my convocation day on this November. Perhaps. The second unofficial end of my diploma study.

So, that was how i end my study in Diploma In Law at UniSZA. It was not that easy. Going through the whole six semesters with ups and downs. Some may says that, "You only went through ups. Mana ada downs. Orang pandai kan" But, yes, people see, I feel. They dont understand all. I would like to throwback on some memories along the journey.

First Sem - Honeymoon sem. Its not that hard. Yaa, university courses only, no faculty courses needed to be register for this sem. We went through this sem on Ramadhan, fasting month. Masa ni best, duduk blok P, internet laju gila haha. bukak puasa kat bilik member hari hari gigih pergi bazar UniSZA kat Dewan Gym haha. Unfortunately, in this sem laa i lost my laptop, note 3, powerbank and 1Terabyte hard disk. *sad emoji* I lost it all while waiting for the bus for semester break. Shit happens anytime gais. One of the unforgettable memory is that is on the final presentation for Kenegaraan and Kemasyarakatan subject. We did it well. With elements of Eid Fest, we presented a song-choir, a poem presentation and a theatre performance. Ayah Wan, our lecturer gave us full mark for the presentation. Good job gais *clap*

Second Sem -  Intro sem. Dah start ada ups and downs haha. Start belajar Core subjects. Malaysian Legal System, Islamic Legal System and Contracts Law. Tapi ok je as bru start subjek Law sikit sikit. Unforgettable moment is that on the day before study week. Out of the blue, a program with faculty was held. Actually it was a program provide to ease us in understanding what we had learn. Just imagine we revised Contracts Law, MLS and ILS through grouping quizzes, explorace and etc. In that night, there is a motivation slot. We all cried a lot hahaa like there is no tomorrow haha ok over ! We just realized that some times we dont study well, we take it easy until it effected our carrymark (as final exam is not yet been held). At last, we sorry lecturers and seniors on our ethics. Another memories is that on the projects we faced for Asas Pembudayaan Keusahawanan. Just imagine on how Law student handle this up with three major projects haha. Dengan kreativiti dan inovasinya, dengan rancangan perniagaannya lagi haha. I believe all of us will smile while reading this as they did some flashback on what happened in preparing for the presentation haha. Apa apa pun, aku takkan lupa pisang gorang coklat and our donut kulit pisang hahahahaa During this sem jugak aku pegang post Vice President of Faculty of Law society. Sedikit busy laa to handle obligation and study at the same time.

Third Sem - Hardest Sem. Why I say the sem was the hardest ? As the subjects is including Law subjects and some of university subjects which need for us to handle with arabic language. Whutttttttt ! Im dying haha. Bukan satu beb, banyak. My "downs" as i am not that expert in arabic. In this semester also i got C+ score in one of the Law subject. Yes, the worst gred i ever obtained. Who says Am was a happy man when looking at his result ? 

Forth Sem - Practical Sem. Law students are the only students who need to face up the practical during this sem. But, its ok as its only need to be done within a month. I had my practical during Ramadhan, fasting month. I did my practical at Magistrate and Sessions Court Complex at Shah Alam. I need to come as early at 7.30 a.m Some times when i got late, i will asked Tyaa (she also did his practical there) to punch my card hahaaa.  Kitorang pernah kena sindir dengan hakim mahkamah sesyen : "dilarang mengetik kad orang lain" Hahaha Kitorang jugak pernah tertido dalam office haha. Dengan tengok orang kena reman busuk gila namateyy, orang kena ikat jamin dll. Bnyk ilmu i gained there.

Fifth Sem - Sem ni nak bergaduh bhaii haha. Sem ni laa yang aku rasa aku mcm takda masa depan. Ingatkan i need to repeat any papers. Hahaaa. Cuba bayangkan our group tak passed up assignment commercial law and we obtained zero mark out of ten for our carrymark. Mana tak down wehh lagi lagi masa keluar carry mark dah nak dekat exam. Self esteem jatuh teruk bhaii. Everyone keep blaming others on the fault. And yes some times i prefer individual assessment rather than group. At least kalau individual assignment kalau tak siap or tak hantar jelas sah sah la salah individu. Cannot blame anyone. But then alhamdulillah, i learn something ; Kalau tak boleh score kat carry mark, try study extra hard for final exam. Alhamdulillah, i got B+ for that subject (walaupun tak A aku bersyukur as i know what i had done)

Final Sem - Procedure Sem. Sem yg penuh dengan procedure papers which are known as killer papers. But then we still enjoy the sem.and the most unforgettable moment is that masa before last paper of this sem, we held kind of farewell party. I will not forget all of them. My classmates who had colorized my life as a law student here. 

*Not only those moments highlighted up there are my unforgettable moments. There were still a lot of it that i dont have such opportunity to write it all

Last but not least, yeahhh i enjoyed my life in UniSZA as a law student. 
Went through ups and downs. Smile and Cry. Happy and Sad. 
Alhamdulillah, i had unofficially end my Diploma study.
with dean list cgpa, i hope i will have my convocation on November.
Till meet again, see you when i see you.
 most gratitude and thanks i bid to Allah, most gracious most merciful, my parents, my family, my lecturers, staffs, my teachers, my friends, my seniors, my juniors and everyone who makes this journey interesting.  

With love ;


Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Wednesday, 13 April 2016
If you failed to plan, you plan to fail. 
Hahaa suka nak petik words yang memang aku selalu guna, as im such a very strict and particular person on planning something.
So, dalam entri ni actually i would like to share on what is my plan for my future.
(Even though maybe not all will be happened, or just not be executed haha)
So, status quo, im a diploma in law student.
Will finish my study at the end of May (within 39 days more plus minus).
Deswai i need to have on such plan on what gonna be next on my journey of life.

Firstly, my plan is to proceed in my Law field. I had filled the UPU form which top three courses i applied were LLB (Degree In Law) in three different public university ( except UM since i cannot apply it as long as i dont finish my diploma study yet).
So, yaaaah, to proceed in LLB is my first plan. Or if not proceed in LLB, any interesting courses and suit with me in degree level. 
Hopefully i can proceed my degree without need to wait for a year.

Next, i had done research on programs by the government for students.
Such as Perdana Fellow program and MANTAP (Mahasiswa Turun Parlimen) program.
Or if not selected as the line, i may apply for SPA to get work in the government.
Nothing i would like to elaborate on this hahaa.

Then, if only i was not have such opportunity to work with government, i may apply for any vacancies in local government (through it website) or any private company ( like money institution or any other).

However, im also have a plan on write a novel or on publishing any books.
It may be executed by collaboration with my friends who have such potential on writing arts (like tyro and abu mikami).
So, just wait and see for my book to be released hahaa. 

Okayh, aku sebenarnya bosan. Deswaii post ni pon bosan. Takpe lah asalkan aku dah menaip dalam blog ni. Drpd kosong je kan ? hahaa.
Tengok la nanti kalau aku rajin aku menaip laa lagi. 
Doakan aku Grad tahun ni.

Monday, 28 March 2016


Monday, 28 March 2016
Dua ribu enam belas. 
Hahaha. Tak sangka dah masuk bulan 3. Pembetulan, akhir bulan 3. 
Dan seorang Am baru sahaja menamatkan cuti pertengahan semester beliau.
Ye, cuti mid sem terakhir seorang Am di UniSZA.
Tahun akhir sudah. (Baca: Semesterakhir)

Entri ini tak punya sebab kuat untuk diketengahkan.
Tak punya dogma vital untuk diterbitkan.
Dan tak punya matlamat khusus untuk dititipkan.
Sekadar rasa rindu untuk menulis.

Jadi, aku memilih untuk sekadar berkongsi pengalaman.
Sekadar perkongsian program yg aku sertai sejak awal 2k16.
Ye, aku juga terpengaruh dengan cara tulisan tahun 2016 yg agak hipster.
Siapalah aku untuk terkecuali ?
Maaf entri ini agak kelihatan acah acah berbahasa.
Entah. Biar. Usah Peduli.
(Sekali lagi aku tergelak baca ayat sendri HAHAHAHA)

Jadi, aku memilih untuk berbicara soal sukarelawan.
Mungkin gratis untuk tertawa dahulu sebelum aku ulas.
Ye la, Am bukanlah orang yg kerap join program kesukarelawan.

Aku sebenarnya merupakan ahli Persatuan Sukarelawan Siswa di UniSZA.
We call it PERSIS.
Di awal tahun, aku join Program Cakna Kampung.
It was held at Kampung Sungai Buaya, Teluk Intan, Tengah Perak.
In the pasir Salak perliament, nearly to Cangkat Lada. 

Ini ada pengalaman pertama aku mempunyai keluarga angkat melalui program kesukarelawan.
Alhamdulillah, everything went well and smooth.
Aku suka keluarga angkat aku.
Not going to tell what was happening along 3 days 2 nights through out this program, just i would like to share on my thoughts towards sukarelawan.
On its activities.

Bagi aku, sukarelawan is a kind of charity.
Where ppl helps community.
I do love this.
Sometimes, we just need to bear in mind that tak semua orang live in a comfort zone.
Not everyone get what they want.
Not everyone have what they need.

Sejujurnya, kita sebagai insan yang memberi akan rasa puas dan bahagia dengan pertolongan yang kita beri.
Through out this program, takda laa bnyk mana pon volunteer program yg kitorang buat.
Just : cat masjid, kemas surau, atur dewan komuniti.
But, we still got the value of lending a hand to others.

I would like to share on some sort of volunteer activities held.
Aku scroll ig (kalau nak usha betapa hensemnya aku may find me @am_aznan)
and found Munirah Naja did a program giving food and needs to homeless.
Kak Zura also held an activity of feeding needy somewhere in Kelantan.
Yes, i hope that one day i may enjoy such this kind of program.
Charitable activity.
Satu kepuasan bila kita dapat tolong manusia lain.

Formerly, i have such a sceptical thinking.
"Kalau nak jadi volunteer, aku kena join Yayasan Sukarelawan Siswa (YSS). 
Takpun, i must be a member of PERSIS.
Or other voulnteer club"
And, now i am against this idea.
I realize on one thing :
To help anyone
something which is crucial is only what we have
 A kind heart.
A big motivation.
A warm feel.

In a nutshell, i still holding with the principle which
We are from Community, and we will back to community.
Anything we have is to be share with community.