Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Wednesday, 13 April 2016
If you failed to plan, you plan to fail. 
Hahaa suka nak petik words yang memang aku selalu guna, as im such a very strict and particular person on planning something.
So, dalam entri ni actually i would like to share on what is my plan for my future.
(Even though maybe not all will be happened, or just not be executed haha)
So, status quo, im a diploma in law student.
Will finish my study at the end of May (within 39 days more plus minus).
Deswai i need to have on such plan on what gonna be next on my journey of life.

Firstly, my plan is to proceed in my Law field. I had filled the UPU form which top three courses i applied were LLB (Degree In Law) in three different public university ( except UM since i cannot apply it as long as i dont finish my diploma study yet).
So, yaaaah, to proceed in LLB is my first plan. Or if not proceed in LLB, any interesting courses and suit with me in degree level. 
Hopefully i can proceed my degree without need to wait for a year.

Next, i had done research on programs by the government for students.
Such as Perdana Fellow program and MANTAP (Mahasiswa Turun Parlimen) program.
Or if not selected as the line, i may apply for SPA to get work in the government.
Nothing i would like to elaborate on this hahaa.

Then, if only i was not have such opportunity to work with government, i may apply for any vacancies in local government (through it website) or any private company ( like money institution or any other).

However, im also have a plan on write a novel or on publishing any books.
It may be executed by collaboration with my friends who have such potential on writing arts (like tyro and abu mikami).
So, just wait and see for my book to be released hahaa. 

Okayh, aku sebenarnya bosan. Deswaii post ni pon bosan. Takpe lah asalkan aku dah menaip dalam blog ni. Drpd kosong je kan ? hahaa.
Tengok la nanti kalau aku rajin aku menaip laa lagi. 
Doakan aku Grad tahun ni.