Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Hi Gais. 
Am Aznan is back. 
I just scroll up all this shit damn-bored blog after having a long time for myself without updating this blog hahahaa.
Yeahh, admit it this blog quiet mundane.
So, since we are in the year of 2016, i would like to transform this blog.
Before this, i am writing only on my bored-life-experience here.
Why not i challenge myself to do some journalist-style-work hahhaaa.
I would like to divide this blog into several parts based on the tags.

The 1st tag will be  : #AmBoredLife 
which i will still keep writing abt my life journey with this tag.

The 2nd tag will be : #AmReview 
Here, i will make some reviews based on my personal experience, my thoughts, my opinion, or else. I may do reviews on products, movies, songs, also nice places where i went for a roadtrip.

The 3rd tag will be : #AmThought 
We know the basis of being a blogger is to keep commenting on any uprising current issues. Glad, we here in Malaysia, there so many issues pertaining us as citizens. So why not i grab this chance of being netizen to summarize issues and give my opinion regarding on it. I may comment on national as well as international issues thoo.

So, enjoy !
Hope for the no more BOSAN-GILA-BLOG-MAMAT-NI thought.