Thursday, 3 April 2014


Thursday, 3 April 2014
yahhhh ! at the end, that day came. 20 March 2014 was like a day i would never remember after this. Hell yahh. I don't get the STRAIGHT A's offered by Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia. I know that i will not achieved that 11A's but at least i just want pass my target. 8A's and above please. But, what can i do now, just be praise and thankful on what i got. 

I just got 6A+ 1A- 3B+ 1B for SPM 2013.

6A+ 1A- 3B+ 1B 

so, after this, i will not think too much on that worse result. just be praiseful and thankful. Bayangkan lah kan orang yang takda A langsung tu camana kan ? Yang takda Lulus tu lagi laa camana ?


 so, what should i do next is to be more focus on what kind of field that i admire, love, have interest-into !
Fikir untuk sambung belajar pulaa.
And that thing also worries me more ! Aku jenis orang yang suka banyak benda. Haha. So, aku pun masih ragu-ragu nak jadi apa-apa sebenarnya.
The-most-thing-i-wanna-be :
1) Lawyer. [ As i like to talk, mumbling and debate. haha. ]
2) Teacher, Lecturer. [ Mostly in Malay subject and Chemistry. i do love both most. ]
3) Psycologist. [ Memahami manusia dan berkongsi sesuatu untuk membahagiakan orang lain. ]

Mudah-mudahan segalanya dipermudahkan Allah swt. Aminnn.
Good Luck then, AM :"))