Thursday, 30 May 2013

#HKSBP40 SMSSelangor

Thursday, 30 May 2013

HKSBP 40 SMS Selangor

Everyont thoughts about that , yaa HKSBP40 at Sek Men Sains Selangor with help of ASiS and Teknik KL . every year , this prestige event of SBP will be the “ buah mulut ” . 

I'm The Best Speaker laa , said me :)
About The Paticipants . Debaters . Management . Moments . Events held . and Everything happened . my comments for The whole #HKSBP40 is quite good but can be improve later . just about the management laa , we need to walk from one school to another just only to have a debate ! cuba bayangkan , guys hostel at ASiS , our prep room kat Teknik KL while the game held at SMSS ! about 10 mins gak laa diperlukan . I would not like to tell specific thing about HKSBP40 SMSS , just let us go through to some events !

on our way to SMS Selangor

The One and the most important thing is for sure about the debate . SEPINTAR was in group I with another SBP which STF is the leader of the group !

at the prep room , preparation

At preliminary stage , we won all the games . Even with STF . First game with SMS Kubang Pasu with motion : Pertambahan Artis Muda Merancakkan Hiburan Tanah Air , SEPINTAR won and Hadi be the best speaker of that game . 

i'm on action against SMS Kubang Pasu
Click . click .
Secong game against SEMUJI , motion : Bahasa Melayu Penyatu Bangsa Malaysia , we won again and me , as the best speaker . 

the guys

Third game against STF , motion : Sekolah Sukan wajar ditambah , Hadi again be the best speaker and we won . Last game in preliminary stage SEPINTAR against SEMSAS with motion , PBS Meningkatkan Potensi Pelajar , we won and me as the best speaker , again :) We loss in octo-final game agains SMS Pasir Putih . 

Hadi tulis bout ke'annoying'an minah 1st speaker SMS Pasir Putih
with them , SMS Pasir Putih

Everyone thoughts that we can win , and actually we are the winner , but everything happens for a reason . we need to accept it . the adjudicators state that our arguments are so tough but we not to good in language and style part ! watt a hell man ? and , it was the final game for us !

lapar lepas perah otak !
motion english yang weird :*

Next event is the “Majlis Perasmian HKSBP 40” . it was held at CIDB Hall , nothing extraordinary thing I would like to tell . just simple event . I got more closer to intergomb’s debaters , Anis and Jannah .
Anis integomb yang kecoh sangat sangat
mcm biasa , masa ucapan is masa kami melaram !
my kawan baru , Anis . Jannah
Then , “Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang HKSBP 40” also held there next evening . The management was so urrghh ! FAIL ! cuba bayangkan budak2 SBPduduk berkeliaran di tepi-tepi longkang ? oohh , man ! most SBP-ians do not have our seats . The only reason given is , the seats is for VVIP . da hell ? if u can’t to organize the events , just give the task to another SBP lah ! Sepintar got the Pengurusan Sistem Rumah Terbaik’s award ! that’s all .

design dalam dewan
aku lagi tinggi dari Tikaz
candid , take by Naza

Full Colours award make me lebih bersemangat untuk Berjaya gak macam penerima anugerah yang lain.
Last but not least , “Majlis Penutupan HKSBP 40” was held at IPG , sebelah ASiS jee . I hope that I can have the Top 10 Best Speaker’s award , but I can’t . Naza got that award as the 9th best speaker for English debate . I met many famous students as debaters there . I have a picta with Razzaq , Ilmira Murni and also Ira Zalis . so proud meyh ! 

SSP's english debaters , finalist !
with best of best speaker from SMS Pasir Putih
me with Ira Zalis, TKC's debater
unforgetable moment , with Ilmira and Razzaq
am . ekwan . helmi,SDAR's malay debater
Aiman sekarang makin ramai kawan

I hope that I can join next HKSBP at SESMA , Terengganu . We (form 5 debaters) plan to have a good and nice journey next ear and be the trainer for 2014 debaters . Overall , Okayh . I knew much things here , Thanks a lot #HKSBP ! I’ll never forget about HKSBP . DEBATERS . FRIENDS . MANAGEMENT . AWARDS . SBP . 

jom balik ! run for ur life :")

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at the end , sampai pun .